Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paperfly? Why Paperfly?
Paperfly is a one-stop logistics solutions provider company. We offer doorstep delivery services all around Bangladesh at the union level, along with warehousing and fulfilment facilities. Having started our operation back in February 2016, we now have the widest cash-on-delivery coverage through Paperfly’s own points-of-presence in all 64 districts. Our whole operation is backed by state-of-the-art technology, which we have developed from scratch. We scan and track package movement at 25 steps and have a ‘near-to’ paperless supply chain. We are the first company in the country to have 100% of the field force using apps and updating status in real-time. We are constantly trying out new steps to solve core issues in logistics. All our effort is for only one thing – to develop the infra that enables the pathway for a successful e-commerce drive. With a very strong and proven pan-country infrastructure, we now offer the same standard of services to all small/medium online merchants. To know more about us and our services, just visit our website or drop us a message.
What are the current delivery coverage areas of Paperfly?
Paperfly provides home delivery service in 64 districts and 491 Upazilas all over Bangladesh with its own set-up and owns field force.
What are the key strengths of Paperfly?
Key strengths of Paperfly are:
• Coverage in 64 districts and 4554 unions all over Bangladesh for delivery services
• Doorstep pick up from anywhere in Bangladesh
• Own employees to cater the services – not through any 3rd party, which ensures complete control over the quality aspects of the services
• 1-stop merchant services – Pick-up, Warehousing, Packaging material & services (Fulfillment), Doorstep Delivery, Cash collection, etc.
• Easy and complete Paperfly GO App
• 5-day payment every week
• Product return by the merchants through OTP, Smart Check, Smart Log, Smart Pay
• Online order tracking anytime from anywhere
• One step ahead for Cash management solution
• Committed SLA for delivery and product return
• 363 days round the year service availability – closed only on 2 Eid days
What services does Paperfly provide?
• Nationwide Doorstep Pick-up
• Nationwide Doorstep Delivery
• Cash-on-Delivery
• Small, Medium, and Large Items Delivery
• Warehouse Solution
• Fulfilment Service including Quality Checking (QC), Packaging Material & Service
• Return control through OTP verification
• Cashless Pay
What type of products does Paperfly deliver?
From small and medium parcels to large parcels, Paperfly provides doorstep delivery to 64 districts and 4554 unions all around the country.
What are the Delivery timelines (SLA)?
Dhaka based Merchants
Within Same District: 24 hours, within Same Division: 24-48 hours, Others District: 24-72 hours. (The timeline may vary based on the remote area)
Outside Dhaka merchants
Within Same District: 24 hours, within Same Division: 48-72 hours, Others District: 48-96 hours. (The timeline may vary based on the remote area)
Can Paperfly do partial delivery?
Yes. Partial delivery can be done by Paperfly.
Do you have any merchant Apps?
Yes, we have PAPERFLY GO App where you will get all information in one platform. To download the app please visit the google play store ad downloadvisit
Paperfly Merchant App
Can Paperfly do reverse delivery?
Yes, Reverse delivery service is available at Paperfly. Customer can drop their return parcel at the Paperfly counter and Paperfly can send the parcel back to the merchant.
What is the compensation process for the lost or damaged case?
For the damaged and/or lost products, we conduct a thorough investigation, and if we find that the parcel is damaged or lost due to our fault or mishandling, then 100% of the package price is compensated within 30 days. However, if any product gets damaged because of a packaging flaw from the merchant’s end, Paperfly does not accept any responsibility.
What is Smart Log?
Smart Log is an innovative feature which will provide more visibility about the return orders and the correspondence that took place between the Paperfly delivery officer and the customer while trying to deliver any orders. The service is incorporated within the Delivery App used for the delivery process. Every delivery call by delivery officers to the customers will now be tracked and recorded by using this In-App Call service. With this service, merchants can now see all correspondence between the Paperfly delivery team and the customer.
What is Return OTP?
You can control your return through OTP verification. No order will be returned without merchant and customer OTP confirmation.
What is Smart Check?
Smart Check is an innovative feature that enables our registered merchants to have more knowledge about the likely behaviour of the customer, even before the customer receives the product! The checking process requires only 2 clicks making it magically smooth! We are utilizing our rich database to fetch the customer data while keeping the detailed information absolutely secret. This whole service is FREE, just like any other SMART services in our portfolio.
What is SmartPay?
SmartPay is Paperfly’s process of making merchant payments on 5 working/banking days a week. The invoices are generated from Sunday to Thursday which become available to merchant in WINGS and the payments are disbursed to the merchant’s account on the next working day. This process enables Paperfly to disburse the merchant’s COD amount for successful deliveries within the shortest possible time.
What is SellerOne?
To facilitate small and medium businesses located within Metro city or even outside city to anywhere in the country, SellerOne facilitates anybody across the country to be an online merchant. An online merchant can get total logistics solution from Paperfly through SellerOne with some special benefits only for them. Through Paperfly’s own points-of-presence in all 64 districts at all corners of the country, online sellers can easily get connected with Paperfly for any logistics support just within few clicks.
What are the benefits of SellerOne?
The major benefits that SellerOne provides are:
• Pick up from all over Bangladesh
• 0% COD charge in Dhaka to Dhaka or within the same district delivery
• Competitive rate
• All solutions through 1 call centre number
• Easy and complete Paperfly GO app, with Free Hotline Call from App
How can I get registered as SellerOne?
If you are a new merchant, then visit the Paperfly website registration page , select SellerOne option and fill up the registration form. After you submit the registration form, one of our Relationship Managers will communicate with you within the next 24 hours to verify your provided information and will get your registration completed. Once registration is approved, you will get your User ID and Password through an SMS at your contact number for Paperfly merchant panel access. If you are an existing merchant of Paperfly, then email us at with your request to convert to the SellerOne package. Please provide your Merchant Name and Merchant Code in your email. Within 24 hours Paperfly team will update your account to the SellerOne package and will confirm with you over email.
How can I place an order in SellerOne?
Login to Paperfly Wings Merchant Panel with your User ID and Password. Go to Order Management / Place Order menu and you can upload your order in Single or Batch upload. After submitting your order, Paperfly pick-up officer will communicate with you and will go to your address to pick up your product(s). Merchant can also drop off their product at the Paperfly counter at their convenient time from 9 am to 6 pm six days a week (except Friday).
How can I update my bank account with Paperfly?
You can update your bank account information by email to Paperfly at along with your Merchant Name and Merchant Code from your registered email address. Within 24 hours Paperfly team will update your account information and will confirm with you over email.
Can I change my bank account to any mobile wallet account?
Yes, you can change your bank account to a mobile wallet account. Email us at along with your Merchant Name and Merchant Code to update your account information. Within 24 hours Paperfly team will update your account information and will confirm with you over email. (Currently, Paperfly merchant payment is available for Bkash and Rocket wallet accounts).
Can a merchant maintain two bank accounts / 1 bank account and 1 mobile wallet account with Paperfly for merchant payment?
No, merchants can only maintain any one account (bank or mobile wallet) with Paperfly for merchant payment.
What are the prices for delivery and other services?
The complete price list is available on our website for your review.
How does Paperfly make payment to the merchant?
Paperfly makes payments to merchant’s bank account or mobile wallet account on 5 banking days in a week. Upon successful delivery, the collection amount is deposited to the merchant account deducting the service charges and COD commission. The invoices are generated from Sunday to Thursday which become available to merchant in WINGS and the payments are disbursed to the merchant’s account in the next working day.
Does Paperfly provide Pickup service all over the country?
Yes, Paperfly provides doorstep Pickup facility to merchants all over Bangladesh.
When the pick-up will be done?
Product pick-up starts from cut-off time and usually it continues till 6 to 7 PM every day.
What is the meaning of 'In Transit' status?
It means the destination delivery point has received the parcel and the Delivery Officer is on the way to deliver the parcel.
Is there any time limit on the "on Hold" issue?
We can keep the order on hold for up to 3 days against the recipient’s request or if s/he is unreachable.
How does Paperfly handle the orders that are returned by customers?
Paperfly sends the returned parcels to the merchant’s location. Pick-up officer takes a signature from merchant on the respective copy of challan as a proof of return delivered to merchant.
When we can get returned parcel?
• Orders inside Dhaka: return within 7days
• Orders of periphery district: return within 10 days
• Orders of other District: return within 15 days.
How to contact with Paperfly?
Following are the Paperfly contact points:
Phone 09678300900
Facebook Page Paperfly Private Linited