Once you’ve found the perfect mix of employees in your workplace, the next step is making sure everyone is doing well on a daily basis.

Paperfly is such a workplace where employees have got the full opportunity to explore their working area with ease and fun. Our extremely talented management group has instigated a flexible environment where employees take the ownership of the company and work as a team. Around 50 employees work along in the head office with full dedication and enthusiasm. Being an e-commerce delivery solution office, young souls and freshers are always welcome to join the team. Dedicated young enthusiastic delivery force is always ready to cater the service.

Paperfly practice an open desk culture where employees get the full opportunity to share their knowledge and activity with each other. An IT team consisting with 4 members are fully devoting their time to integrate apps with the core operation to develop a working environment with ease and transparency. The Marketing Team is always busy in catering the needs of our valuable clients with continuous merchant visit and searching for new business ideas. The Operational team is working in both day and night shifts for a smooth transition of work. People here are so dedicated that they are even giving their additional time for all the activity to deliver with its best.

Our Accounts and Finance people are professionally certified and they are monitoring and controlling the funds in an appropriate method and transparency. Finally, the Human Resource and Administration team is here to cater the need of employees and to facilitate them so that employees can manage their stress well and be encouraged to work soulfully with an ownership towards the company. The company is blessed with a diversified team in 64 districts who work as a family and believe that we really are here to deliver happiness among the people and we are dedicatedly working on giving everyone an opportunity to be with the BEST.

Current Openings

Send us your resume at career@paperfly.com.bd
Position Required Experience Apply Before Job Description
IT Support 1 year 23rd March View
General Manager, Product Planning 10 years 23rd March View
Relationship Manager 5 to 10 years 23rd March View
Assistant Relationship Manager 5 years 23rd March View
Assistant Manager, Product Planning 2 to 5 years 23rd March View
Assistant Manager, Market Communication 5 years 23rd March View
Assistant Manager, Customer Interaction 2 to 5 years 23rd March View
Relationship Executive 1 year 23rd March View
Executive, Product Planning 1 year 23rd March View
Executive, Customer Interaction 1 year 23rd March View
Assistant Manager, Recruitment & Retainer 2 to 5 year 23rd March View
Executive, HR & Admin Fresh Graduate 23rd March View
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