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Automation that ENABLES
End-to-End Digital

Since beginning of our journey, we have emphasized on automation using the available technology to create an "end to end digital" system throughout the delivery process. Our automation is currently one of the best examples in this rapidly growing e-commerce logistics industry. We make use of bar-code sticker, which helps our delivery workforce to allocate the packages in the logistic process efficiently and minimizes the package handling errors. Also we have recently introduced auto SMS integration – all customers get SMS from us prior to receive appointment calls.

14 Steps Delivery Tracking

Our online tracking system could not be more detail and digital! We have a 14 steps tracker in place, which helps our merchants to track the status of the shipment step by step and enables them to see how and when the package reaches its destination. It also enables them to suggest necessary course correction if there is any. Moreover, the return reasons or any other customer feedbacks are also available in the tracker.

Electronic Invoicing

What is automation if it doesn't enable? We send invoice electronically; even more, we follow it up by sending the collection through direct bank transfer! So all in all, our merchants can receive the financial information twice a week, and will also receive the Cash on Delivery payment in similar interval. This is as smooth as it gets!!

API Integration

We have nothing to hide! Our revolutionary order management and tracking system can be accessed easily and integrated with others’. This is real automation, which helps our merchant's customers’ service team tremendously to answer the relevant customer quarries. Not only that, we have a built-in invoicing system which is customizable. This allows merchants to completely utilize our system for their own accounting.

SMS Notification

We have also implemented a smart SMS process, which helps us to send updates to the customers, as well to our valued merchants.

When the product reached at our hand we notify the customers about the delivery package through SMS and upon which we take customers appointment. In the similar way, we share the delivery status to the merchants via SMS when we face any difficulties e.g. in the cases of return products or any reschedule etc. It helps the merchants to receive first hand information about the status of the delivery and let them intervene from their end.

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